The new integrated solution for digital editions with unlimited marketing possibilities.

LibroPage gives life to any publication: magazine, newspaper, catalogue, book, guide, annual report, brochure, prospectus, company profile etc.

No program installation is required - only with the use of a web browser, the reader can now explore the digital edition, as if they had the actual hard copy in their hands.

For the Publisher
  For the Reader
Cost reduction
Το The printing and distribution costs of the Media Kit are significantly reduced.

Circulation increase
Send 1,000… 10,000… or 50,000 digital Media Kits in any language you wish, anywhere in the world, literally costless.

New readers
The digital edition can be sent from one person to the other via e-mail, thus expanding your Media Kit’s target group and boosting your readership (viral marketing).

Search engines
Τα Your Media Kit’s content is detectable and searchable through Google and other search engines.

Collect and manage useful data concerning the behaviour of your Media Kit’s readers (which chapters were read the most, which topics were revisited, which abstracts were sent to friends etc).

Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Protect the content of your digital edition and manage your restriction-free pages.

Easy distribution
Just send out a link and your readers will enjoy the LibroPage Media Kit experience, with no need to install any programs or plug-ins to their computer.

Brand awareness
The digital edition looks exactly like your printed Media Kit and it feels like a hard copy in the reader’s hands.

Insert Video, Audio or Flash Animation files on the digital edition pages and add value to your Media Kit, offering new marketing possibilities.

RSS Publishing
Your Media Kit is converted into compatible files in order to be read with the use of PDAs, mobile phones and other portable devices, thus allowing of more access channels.

E-mail Marketing
A comprehensive e-mail dispatch mechanism tightens your bonds with the readers.
  Free access
Read the LibroPage Media Kit through the Internet, with no need for a certain program or plug-in to be installed to your computer. Anytime and anywhere you are, you have access to the Digital Edition only with the use of a web browser.

Real Media Kit experience
The publication looks exactly like the hard copy on your computer screen and its pages are flipped with exactly the same way.

Live content
The links on the contents table, the front cover, the index table etc. take you directly to the respective page of the publication that interests you the most.

View pages in different zoom scales, to perfectly fit your screen specifications and your individual needs.
- Read offline: Save LibroPage Media Kit for future reference.

Detect individual words, find the respective pages and click on the link to go to the selected page.

Select page
Go straight to the selected page, anywhere within the publication, forwards or backwards.

Use the thumbnail browser to open a specific page, fast and easy.

Display options
Content is displayed at a single or spread page option, according to the reader’s preference.

Readers may select specific content and create clippings from a page, print them or send them to a friend.

The pages that are of most interest to the reader can be bookmarked for direct access and future reference.

Readers can keep notes on any page or any topic and go straight back to them next time they open the Media Kit.

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